Monday, 27 February 2012

A Pause in Lent 1

As I enjoyed joining in with Floss's A Pause in Advent I thought I would join in with her again for A Pause in Lent. This year Floss and Ang of Tracing Rainbows have come up with a list of suggested words/themes for us to follow over the next six weeks in the run-up to Easter.

Valour: Pursuit of Knowledge
Generosity: Pursuit of Charity
Liberality: Pursuit of Will
Diligence: Pursuit of Ethics
Patience: Pursuit of Peace
Kindness: Pursuit of Love
Humility: Pursuit of Modesty

These are based on the cardinal and theological virtues. I am not going to go into the historical significance of them or how they came into being - if you are interested in that there is always Google! 
I am merely going to make some thoughts on each one over the coming weeks. To make is easier (I think) on myself I am also going to take them in the order listed. So that makes today's thoughts about Valour:Pursuit of Knowledge.

When we think of knowledge we often think about the attainment of facts, learning more about something or someone, knowing lots of things - so if we learn lots of facts about God and the Bible then we will know Him, right - wrong!! Knowledge of God is more than learning facts about Him. We read in Proverbs 1:7 "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge".  We need to know God by being in a relationship with Him. Knowing God is more than merely learning things about Him, we need to get to know him in a personal way. I hope that during this journey through Lent that I will come to know Him better and to have a greater knowledge of our wonderful God.

As my daily reading throughout Lent I am using this book by Tom Wright


Maria Ontiveros said...

What a nice post today. It's interesting because I tend to associate valour with bravery more so than knowledge.

Floss said...

Thanks for this, Fiona! Knowledge ABOUT God is pretty useless without the simpler yet more challenging business of actually knowing Him - very true. I love Tom Wright's books and didn't know he'd written this one. I'd love to use it one year myself so thanks a lot of drawing it to my attention. Thanks also for your comment on my post - I really used it as a way of thinking and praying my way through my own challenges, so it's encouraging that other readers have made something of it too.

Jane and Chris said...

Lots to think about there,Fiona.
Jane x

Betty said...

I don't have a book for lent but have made a little cross to use as a focus. I am trying to just sit and 'be' and let God in. Thanks for visiting me. Betty

Carolyn Phillips said...

Thanks Fiona. That is such an important distinction to make and one I sometimes need reminding of.

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