Friday, 30 December 2011

One little word review

Well it is that time of year when you get reflective and look back on the year. My word for 2011 was ACHIEVE and I thought I would check back to what I had hoped to Achieve back in January and see how I did.
So from my post in January:

The first thing has to be my degree - I should finish my last module in June of this year.  Yes I achieved this and finished my degree - graduation ceremony is scheduled for April.
Next I want to achieve a weight loss - I am deliberately not specifying how much, but I do need to lose some and feel more healthy.  - had some success and have lost half a stone, still some more to go
Tied in with that one I want to achieve a better fitness level - the gym didn't work out for me, so am going to try walking more and using the Wii Fit. - oops not so good with this one, maybe I am just not an exercise person!!!
Craft wise - I know I will not achieve much scrapbooking until my degree is finished so am not going to stress. - have not stressed, but have been so laid back I have not actually done any scrapbooking yet, but there is always 2012.
I would like to achieve at least one crocheted item this year and to continue with my knitting and felting. - done better with this one, have crocheted several items and also knitted a couple of things as well.
Faithwise - I have started doing the E100 reading list and I want to achieve the completion of this. - managed to complete this as well.

Well I don't think I did too badly this year. Now my word for next year is.....

haven't actually decided on one yet -watch this space.

If you chose a word how did you do and have you chosen one for 2012?


Carolyn Phillips said...

Wow, well done, those are great achievements, excellent.

I am still pondering next year's word and thinking about what difference this year's word, Thanks, has made.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Congrats on the degree. That's huge. And some weight loss os better than any weight gain.

Bernice said...

Well done on your achievements. I chose Restore for 2011 and I have restored some ares of my life.

I was thinking of Focus for 2012 but still undecided as I am concerned that thinking about things could be Focus whereas I want to actually DO something. But I don't like the word Do. As in 'do faith'. I am considering 'Practice'

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