Friday, 2 September 2011

Back on Track

Sorry for the short absence but hopefully I am getting back on track now. The last couple of weeks have seemed really hectic. We had two birthdays - mine and Andrews, had a few days up in Glasgow getting last minute things for school. Andrew has now started at secondary school and so far so good, he is enjoying it - well apart from swimming at PE!! I have had a cold, sore throat and no voice for the past week - you can image how happy that made the boys!

Today is the 1st September so hopefully going to get back on track again now. The weight loss needs to start again, as does the fitness programme. Lots of things still to Achieve this year - I have started some crocheting, more knitting, keeping up with my Essential 100 Bible Reading passages, and have got several scrapbooking projects in mind.

As this is September Shimelle is doing her Learn Something New Every Day again. I successfully did this the first year and got half way the second year. I am wondering if I should try something this year, but not sure - will need to decide quickly before the month is gone. Who else is taking part in LSNED?


Maria Ontiveros said...

What a lovely photograph - perfect for the beginning of the month. I'm definitely going to review Shimelle's LSNE prompts and see where they lead me. But I'm not going to do anything too formal.

Sandra said...

Something so exciting about the 1st September, it's like a fresh start

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