Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Detox, Declutter & Deweed

I decided the first thing I really needed to tackle after studying was to achieve some of my goals, especially weight and fitness related ones. So I have been on a Detox diet since Friday, this is Day 5!

I am following Carol Vorderman's detox books, I did her detox diet many years ago and found it really good, although then I did it for the full 28 days. I am not trying to be so ambitious this time though! I really just want to kickstart my diet and healthy eating. I thought I would try for 7 days, but then still use some of the recipies but start adding in some other things. So far so good! I even managed to avoid temptation while my sister was visiting at the weekend!

And the decluttering - well not such a good start so far. But there is always next week!

I am not really sure deweed is a word, but that is certainly what my garden needs! I have managed out a few times this week so have made a start on the weeds, but they just keep on coming back!!!

1 comment:

Jane said...

good luck with the diet

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