Wednesday, 4 February 2009


This is a LO I did a couple of weeks ago for a challenge over at FaithscrappersUK. Is was for a scraplift challenge, the idea being that one person chose a LO, scraplifted it, and then passed it on the next person on the list. A bit like Chinese Whispers, which I used to play with the Guides. It was quite interesting to see how the LO had changed, if any, from the original. The photos were taken at Windsor Castle last October when we were on holiday and the paper is Basic Grey.
I am feeling a bit better and managed to go out for a walk today - the first time I have really been out for several weeks. We had lovely sunshine today but cold. Feeling a bit envious of all the snow that everyone seems to be getting (except us). Not even one little flake has fallen from the sky yet!


Eleanor said...

I'm glad you are on the upat last Fiona, it's been a long old road to recovery. Don't do too much too soon will you?
I'd be interested to see the LOs in the scraplift challenge -do I need to register on FSUK to do so?
Take care

Fiona said...

Yes Eleanor, to read any of the posts you need to register on Faithscrappers UK.

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