Tuesday, 9 September 2008

LSN Day 4, 5 6

My next three LOs for Learn Something New - I am now only 3 days behind.
Day 4 I went to the cinema to see WALL-E, which I thought was a really good film with lots of 'deep and meaningful' bits in it. WALL-E shows how one person, however small, can make a huge difference and that sometimes its OK to think differently from the crowd.

I have recently started knitting again after not having done any for years, so my first project is to finish the cardi I promised my hubbie many years ago. For Day 5 I put that I am thankful for the ability to knit and to create.

On Day 6 I visited my chiropodist, and its great how wonderful my feet feel again! I always say I will take more care of them but then life gets in the way again.


Linda Elbourne said...

Great work Fiona X

jay670120 said...

i like the knitting L/O well done in taking up something new !

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