Tuesday, 2 September 2008

25 of August

Yes I know I am a little late posting these photos - but I did take them on the 25th of August. They are for the Scrap Your Day challenge that I am doing this year. This month I decided to take photos of things in my garden. The first photo is of our apple tree, which has a fair number of apples on it again this year.

This photo is one of the many butterflies that visit our garden.

Since we put out a bird feeder that has lots of hanging bits on it we have been inundated with sparrows and starlings. They are very greedy and can sometimes be rather aggressive with each other. They are getting quite tame now and will let us sit out and watch them and even hang the washing out without them flying away.

Now all I have to do is make the pages for August.


Eleanor said...

Looks like the sun shone up there, on that day at least, lol. Fab photos.
Love the apples the best. Wonder why? well nuts give me indigestion. ;)

Flapsi Hapsi said...

Good pics.

Linda Elbourne said...

Beautiful piccies

Enfys said...

Lovely photos.

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