Saturday, 1 December 2007


I can't quite believe today is the first of December and Christmas will soon be upon us again. In addition to having their usual chocolate Advent calendars this year, I got this one in B&Q yesterday, altered it slightly. I have put activities in each day and a joke for each day for the boys to do. They have also covered a ring binder folder to make a Christmas Journal to keep the various activity sheets in. When each day has been done I will cover that days drawer with paper.
Todays activity was to complete a Christmas maze which I had downloaded from the Internet. Today's joke was
Where do snowmen go to dance? - Snowballs!
The children are getting on better than me as I have not actually started a Journal yet for this year. I am going to follow Shimelle's Journal, although I will probably change some of the prompts as I did it last year. Hope to get this started either tonight or tomorrow (maybe!!).

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