Sunday, 22 February 2015

A Pause in Lent - 1

I am joining in again this year with A Pause in Lent, hosted by Angela here.

I find it hard to believe that we are actually in Lent again - it seems no time since it was Advent. I think this is a sign of the times we live in - we are so busy that time really does seem to be moving quicker. I began to reflect on the busyness of our lives - we try and pack so much stuff into them, we are always dashing here or there (or is that just me?). Even in this time of Lent we can be so busy, there are so many different online or email devotions we can sign up that we would never have time to read them all!

So this Lent time, in the run up to Easter I am going to pause and reflect. I am following devotions in one book only and am not signing up to different emails (or at least I am now going to unsubscribe from a lot of them). I want to put God back where he belongs - first in my life! I want to spend time just being with him, instead of always rushing about, even if that rushing about is doing church activities. I am going to learn to say No to things if I have to .

So what am I giving up for Lent - the act of 'busyness'.

1 comment:

Angela said...

So MANY of the Lent posts are about being less busy. That's got to be a good thing! Bless you as you spend time reflecting and praying, Thanks for joining in P in L x

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