Tuesday, 23 December 2014

A Pause in Advent 4

Sorry I missed last week's Pause in Advent - I have been really busy and have the cold as well! I am finding this Christmas harder to get organised for as it is the first one in a long time that I have been working every day. Note to self - start preparing in November next year!

I wanted to share this poem with you today.

Light looked down on darkness
Darkness everywhere
Light said 'I will go there'
Where light does not show
Darkness abounds, in all the world below
Light came in at Christmas
So we all would know.

Peace looked down on warfare
Fighting everywhere
Peace said 'I will go there'
To battle, death and woe
Conflict abounds in all the world below
Peace came in at Christmas
So we all would know.

Love looked down on hatred
Hatred everywhere
Love said 'I will go there'
To hate, disgust and fear
Emnity abound, in all the world below
Love came in at Christmas
So we all would know

So the Lord of Light, the Prince of Peace came in
Silently he crept in, to this world of ours
Crept in beside us, the gracious King of Love
Humbly we adore him
Jesus Christ our Lord.

You can find more posts on Pause in Advent here. A big thank you to Angela for hosting this year.


Angela said...

Thanks for this poem - great sentiments well expressed. I hope you feel better soon, a heavy cold during all the Christmas busy-ness is always hard to cope with.
Don't worry about missing a week's Pause - it isn't obligatory like school homework, you know!!!
Advent blessings xx

Melissa said...

A beautiful poem! It's definitely different getting ready for Christmas when you're working. I hope you are feeling better & have a very blessed Christmas.

Carolyn Phillips said...

That is beautiful.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Happy Christmas to you Fiona!
I've been on a bit of a blog break, but I really enjoyed catching up on your advent posts. This poem is just lovely.

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