Monday, 4 March 2013

A Pause in Lent Wk 3

Continuing with lines from William Wards poem..

Fast from discouragements: Feast on hope.

This has been a week with some discouragements in it, mainly to do with Church and our new house. But it has all worked out fine in the end. I felt that this line was very timely for me. It can be all too easy to think too much about discouragements, to let them get all out of proportion and to cause us anxiety. Instead feast on hope - especially the hope that we have in God, we know that He will never fail us. God always keeps His promises and will never leave us, not matter what is happening in our lives.

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magsmcc said...

I will admit to being fascinated by little references to the house-move! I take refuge in the thought that God is my home, and that I am but a pilgrim on earth!

Carolyn Phillips said...

Thank you. Our hope is in the one who will not let us go.

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