Tuesday, 12 April 2011

School Holidays

Again you might say, well yes schools out again for two weeks, actually this is now week two, our schools stopped on 1st April. In fact this month is almost filled with school holidays. School is actually only on for8 days this month because of two weeks holiday, then back for 4 days then off for Easter then back for 3 days then off for a certain Royal Wedding event.

So what did my youngest boy decide to do on the Friday school stopped - playing football, in goals, hurt his hand!!!! A trip to A&E followed, got some X-rays taken, then arm strapped up in a splint. Thankfully only a strain but we had to go back on Thursday just to make sure.

Last week we were up in Glasgow for a few days - went to see The Eagle, which was a good film, even if I shut my eyes at a couple of bits! Also managed to do lots of shopping - got stuff for the boys but also some summer tops for myself - now hopefully this summer weather will continue.

Off at the end of this week, with my sister and Mum to New Lanark Mill Hotel for a couple of nights relaxing!

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Maria Ontiveros said...

Sounds like a busy month, even with school break! My kids have next week off.

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