Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Some answers and some numbers

Well I asked for questions and thank you to Mel and Rinda who have asked these questions.

Mel asked - Where is your favourite place that you've lived or visited?

My favourite holiday place has to be Gardenstown on the North East coast of Scotland, it is a very small fishing village set into the cliffs. We were fortunate in having friends who owned a house there and they let us go there for holidays for many years until they sold it. It was quiet, had a beach with rocks and water for the boys to play in.  I love watching waves crashing on the beach and over rocks and could watch them all day. My only regret is that I never managed to see dolphins any time we were there - although other people assure me that the dolphins come frequently!!

Rinda asked - I know you're active in your church, but I don't remember your exact position. What is it?

What reaction have you gotten to sharing your faith-based work in blog land?

I suppose as my husband is the minister of the church you could say that I am the 'ministers wife', although I have always tried hard not to be thought of as that or to think that being married to the minister gives me any position. Although recently I have begun to think about that differently and occasionally do things as the ministers wife. Being married to the minister is actually a strange 'no man's land' sometimes. You can't always fully join in with things and some people do treat you differently. I married the man, not the job! But God is good and the good times generally outweigh the problems.

As to sharing my faith-based work on blogland I have only have positive reactions thankfully. It is really only recently that I have actually started to share things about my faith in my blog, when I first started my blog I didn't. I belong to a Christian Craft forum, heART&soul, which has encouraged me in sharing my faith online.
Thanks to you both for your questions.
Now for the numbers. Yesterday's prompts talked about numbers and alphabets and I shall probably come back to this again. But my immediate response to the numbers was that I have an assignment due in on Saturday for the Open University - 2,000 words, of which I have done about 600 so far - so a fair number of words still to go.


humel said...

That looks like such a beautiful place to live! Thanks for sharing the photos as well as the details :-) And I was really interested in your answers to Rinda's questions, too.

Hope the assignment goes well! x

Maria Ontiveros said...

And thanks for the answers! Very interesting. 2,000 words! I know the feeling. I'm working on a 9,000 word essay right now for presentation in January! (Or, more properly, I should be working on . . .)

Sarah C said...

Stunning photos Fiona. Thanks for sharing your Q&A's with us. Hope you get other words for your assignment done ok x

scrappyjacky said...

Interesting answers,Fiona. I can see from looking at the photos why you love looks a perfect holiday destination.
I like the idea of using numbers in layouts...will definately try that out....and good luck with your 2000 words.

Stephanie Joanna said...

great answers & Gardenstown looks absolutely stunning! No wonder it's your favorite place.

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