Thursday, 13 May 2010

New things!

Gosh it must be the week for starting new things. First the new website and forum and tonight I started going to WeightWatchers!! I went once before many moons ago and did lose a lot of weight then, but another child and many years later the weight is piling on again. So I decided - no more procrastination - and went and signed up. I really liked the flexibility that is the Weightwatchers plan - if I want a little glass of wine I can program it in to the week.

As I have a significant birthday in August this year (21 - I wish) (well to be honest not really!) I would like to have lost a fair amount by then.

I have also managed to get the gym twice this week - so am feeling very righteous.


Carolyn Phillips said...

Well done on the WW.

humel said...

Good for you :-) I went to WW after having The Girl and it really worked well for me. Oh, and I'm an August birthday too! xx

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