Thursday, 15 October 2009

Doesn't he look smart?

Yes I know the boys are on holiday and No I did not make him dress up in hi school uniform this week. I took the photo last week when he came home with the new school tie!! His school have not had a tie before, but after requests from the pupils, they now have one. John had to go and be one of the first to buy it and wear it - after getting shown how to tie one of course!! I wonder if wearing a school tie will make any difference!!

We have been baking something every day this week, and I have forgotten to take photos - bad mummy!!

On Monday we made jelly, Tuesday sponge cakes, Wednesday scones and today pumpkin soup. I have never made pumpkin soup before but the pumpkins were on special offer at Morrisons, so I had to try it! The verdict - it was good and I can make some more. Any other suggestions on what to do with pumpkin?

1 comment:

pmk said...

Pumpkin pie is great as are pumpkin muffins. There's also a recipe someone gave me for pumpkin cheesecake which I haven't tried but they insist it's good!

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