Friday, 24 July 2009

Holiday in Northumbria

Our family holiday this year was to Beadnell, on the Northumbrian coast. It is a really lovely place, with great beaches. Our house was just opposite the beach and had great views from the upstairs windows. Weather was not too bad, bit cold sitting on the beach sometimes but we just wore more jumpers!

The boys liked to dig in the sand and try to build sandcastles.

Auntie Karen had to get in the act too!

Gran decided she would rather sit and watch!


Flapsi Hapsi said...

Like the new name! wonder what genius gave you that idea...

Eleanor said...

Love the new name - as you know I like anything seaside/beach/ocean related. Gran does look a little on the chilly side, but family holidays at the seaside are the stuff memories are made of.
Lovely to catch up with you, your boys are looking well (and you too).

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