Thursday, 2 April 2009

A start

Well we made a start on the garden today. Gordon cut the back grass and I started cutting back some bushes and trees, they seem to grow so quickly. We have a big garden but it is full of trees and bushes which are all overgrown, so we are trying to tame it a bit. At least we have made a start.

I have also knitted another dishcloth, this time with some Peaches & Creme cotton.

I have also signed up to Facebook and Ravelry, which is a knitting/crochet forum. I will have to be quite strict with myself and not spend all day on the computer, as I think I could get rather addicted!!


Eleanor said...

I simply cannot do facebook - I just don't understand it. :(
But dishcloths I could crochet now, tell me where are you getting your lovely cotton, I think I need to get some, had no idea it was pretty like that.

Fiona said...

Eleanor I got my cotton, Peaches and Creme, from First4Yarns online shop.

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