Monday, 9 March 2009

Journey of Hope

I have finally got round to doing a LO for my own challenge during the recent Cybercrop at FaithscrappersUK. The challenge was to do a LO on something that brings hope to others. My LO is with photos that Gordon took on his visit to Peru in 2004 with the Vine Trust. They run two boats, Amazon Hope 1 and 2, which bring medical aid to remote villages up and down the Amazon. The Vine Trust also do a lot of work with abandoned street boys in major cities in Peru, they provide food, a place to stay and help the boys to find jobs. You can read more of their work at

I have had a good day today. I managed to go out a walk to visit a friend, so feel that I am getting a bit better. I have also signed up to the FlyLady website. The website has lots of tips on how to bring (and keep) order in a chaotic house - just what I need. This week the focus in on the Kitchen - I managed to clean a cupboard, and my sink is still shining - so I feel I have achieved something.

1 comment:

Flapsi Hapsi said...

Nice colours in lo. Glad to hear sink is still shiny. Go Flylady!

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