Wednesday, 5 November 2008

25 October

Finally managed to do my page for October for Scrap Your Day. It was a miserable day weatherwise so we didn't do much, even though it was a Saturday. I helped the boys spray paint their Warhammer models. I even managed to play a game with them of the Lord of the Rings Warhammer.

I haven't managed any other scrapping since coming back from hols, we have had the painters in. They have now finished and the two rooms are swapped around now, they both look really good, Gordon's study is now much bigger and he can get all his books in it. Now I have to tidy the rest of the house. We have been looking for new settees and it is not proving to be easy - they are all soooo much bigger than when I last bought one (21 years ago) and my living room is long but narrow.

I am going away for the weekend to the Lakes with a group of girls from FaithscrappersUK for a DIY retreat and I am really looking forward to it - hopefully I might even get some scrapping done!

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my5bratz said...

Im doing this challenge too..but have still to scrap

well done :0)

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