Saturday, 25 October 2008


Holidays were fab, Legoland was great, and the weather - it was actually better and warmer than some of our days in summer this year!

The boys loved Legoland, Andrew especially like the Driving School. I even went on most of the scary rides with John - including the Jungle Coaster!!!!!

John and I on the Viking River Splash - I got very wet!!

Picture of a pink flamingo at Legoland - just for my sister.

They even had Dr Who and the Tardis!

We enjoyed Windsor and the Castle as well. We ventured up to Oxford which is a lovely place - Gordon and I would certainly hope to return there again (without the kids!) sometime. Will try and upload some more photos this week.


Flapsi Hapsi said...

Flamingos are the bestest.

kelly said...

lovely pics! think i may ahve to visit lego land with the kids

Shirley said...

These are amazing sculptures.
It looks like you all had agreat time :)

mandijane said...

Legoland looks like fun :)

Jo Power said...

I love lego land all those lovely colours cant wait to see a Lo.

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