Tuesday, 5 August 2008


Here are my very first home-grown tomatoes and they tasted delicious. This is the first year I have tried to grow tomatoes and these are my very first ones. There are still quite a few left on the plants just waiting to go red.

My Freedom Prompt 21 was: Do you prefer to scrapbook with single photos or a group of photos? - The answer is really both! Sometimes I like to use just one photos on a page and sometimes I like to use lots of photos that are related, it really just depends on the photos themselves and what mood I am in at the time.


Mariangeles M said...

Your tomatoes look great!!!

Yorkshire Tea Jenny said...

well done with the tomatoes Fiona - they look like they would taste good IYKWIM!!

I used to love growing tomatoes but they always seemed to ripen when we were on holiday and I never got to enjoy them properly. And I made my greenhouse into a patio because we were sick of the glass breaking in high winds!!!


Rhona said...

Well done with the tomatoes. We have loads of green ones but no ripe ones yet (also our first year of growing them!). I'm just hoping they will turn red!!!

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