Sunday, 13 April 2008

Fab Holiday

What a brilliant holiday we had last week. Country Antrim is a fabulous place to go on holiday. It had just about everything we could have wanted - rugged coastline with fantastic waves, sandy beaches, places to visit, plus 10-pin bowling, cinema and shops for the kids.

We visited the major tourist places - photos to follow - when I get them all uploaded!! The weather the first weekend was freezing and windy - we went out for a walk and just about got blown away!!! Then it got a bit warmer and was lovely and sunny and dry.

Here are my 3 photos for Module 1 of the Painting with Light course. It was titled Changing the viewpoint.
This is of part of the Giants Causeway.

Taken at ground level at Dunluce Castle.


Eleanor said...

Love that first pic especially, rocks do something to me (and I don't mean twist my ankle). I really want to visit this area one day. Look forward to the rest of your pics. Hope you are refreshed and full of spring zing.

Flapsi Hapsi said...

Glad you had a good holiday!

pmk said...

Glad you had a brilliant holiday!

Yorkshire Tea Jenny said...

Glad you enjoyed Antrim Fiona!!
It is one of my most fav places in the Universe!

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