Tuesday, 14 August 2007


Happiness is... when the boys got a first scaletrix set for Christmas a few years ago now. Gordon was in his element and didnt even need anyone to play with him!!! The boys have now outgrown this set and he hasnt managed to persuade them that they really want a new bigger set yet. The LO was done for a class by Jillybeans on UK Scrappers. Paper is Basic Grey (again, I seem to use a lot of Basic Grey). The buttons were cut out using a sizzlet die cut.

Andrew got on well yesterday and his hand is now out of the splint, the consultant doesn't want it strapped up now at all and he is just to use it normally. We are to go back in a couple of weeks for him to check on its progress.

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Eleanor said...

I remember when, not long after we married, G's mum phoned and said she wanted to clear out the attic, could he come and collect his Scalextric set. He was so excited. Unfortunately, it had got damp and rusty and none of it worked. ANd then we had 3 children, not one of whom has ever been remotely interested in playing with vehicles. Honestly, not one. So he feels deprived.
I'm so glad Andrew's hand has met with the consultant's approval. I hope it is more comfortable now.

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