Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Waterfall Card

I did another workshop last night, the last until after the summer. We were doing waterfall cards, which all the ladies enjoyed. Here are the instructions I gave out, in case anyone wants to know how to make one. They are really very easy to make but very effective.

Instructions for use with C6 size card (A5 folded over).

Stamp or decorate background of card.
Cut four squares 2” x 2”, stamp your design onto these squares.
Cut a strip of card 9” x 2”. Start at end of strip, score 2”, 2 ¾”, 3 ½” and 4 ¼ “ . Fold along scored lines. (Piece A)
Cut a strip ¾” x 4” attach to front of card with eyelets or brads, near bottom of card.

Attach first piece of card (piece A) to horizontal strip by sliding longest section of card between horizontal strip and the card, making sure to centre it. Line up the very edge of the scored end of piece A with bottom of horizontal strip and attach with adhesive. Please make sure you do not attach the scored side and the longest section of piece A together.
Attach your first stamped square to the bottom space at the scored end of piece A.
Apply adhesive to the scored sections of piece A only and attach remaining stamped squares.
Attach eyelet and ribbon to the bottom of piece A.

You should now be able to gently pull the bottom of longest section of piece A down and watch the stamped images flip one at a time and slide behind piece A.

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