Sunday, 4 February 2007

Sunday on a Monday

Well I was going to post this last night but either it was me or blogger wasnt letting me upload photos - either way I got fed up and tired and gave up. Its now working OK today.

I thought I'd try and follow the Sunday blog thought on UK Scrappers today. It was

What changes do you plan to make in your life in the coming months. Do you like or loathe change?

I quite like change as I hate to get in a rut and do things the same way all the time. I would like to change my job sometime in the future. My husband is also thinking about looking for a different job so a major change may well happen in the coming months.

Other changes I would like to see happen are that I finally manage to lose some weight and get more exercise into my week. Starting and keeping up with this blog is a major change that I have started this year, which is encouraging me to keep up with my scrapping.

I decided to experiment with my alcohol inks today and made this butterfly card. It was already cut into shape on glossy card, so I alcohol inked it and then glued on various bits of bling. I'm not sure whether I like it or not.

This LO is another one I have done for John's London Album. He went with his aunt to London for a week last summer and had a great time. It was a treat for him for finishing primary school and starting secondary. It is taking me a while though to get all the photos scrapped. It was taken at Legoland, Windsor, which he visited for the day.

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