Thursday, 25 January 2007

I have to Confess

Getting the hang of this now.
These are my other pages for Shimelle's I must confess class.
Page 1 - I can NEVER only eat one chocolate.
Page 2 - I just LOVE watching superhero films.
Page 3 - I have LOTS of handbags.
Page 4 - I have NEVER actually used this.

This was a free downloadable class from Shimelle, which was completed in a weekend. It was great fun to do and was the first actual scrapping I have done this year so far.


Flapsi Hapsi said...

That's an awful lot of handbags!!! Lovely pages.

Eleni said...

Congratulations Fiona on your new blog, and on the confession book ... lovely class that was!!! I have to agree, it's definitely hard to stop at on chocolate bar!!! LOL

Eleanor said...

Yay - nice one Fiona. Confession is good for the scrapping soul, or something.

Paula said...

Fab book. I love the big format & the clear pictures. I kept mine a mini book so I could take it to work & show people, fits in my (1) handbag!!! a treat!! that's a lie as I actually have 5 but some are for summer use only!
I've stopped buying chocolate because I ate a full 200g toblerone in one afternoon while scrapping!!!!!

Guinevere said...

Love your album. It was a fun class to do wasn't it?

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